Saturday, June 26, 2010 Show-Oil, Judges and Jobs-Maher Arar and James Yee

June 26 2010 show

June 26 2010 show

Intro and Kate Gordon from Center for American Progress Segment 1
Rep. Gene Green Segment 2
Maria Lahood (Center for Constitutional Rights) Segment 3
James Yee Segment 4
Op-Ed on Dick Cheney Segment 5

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This week we saw an end to the drilling moratorium in the face of the worst environmental catastrophe in our history. Judge Feldman tells the U.S. government, Not So Fast.

But should he have even been able to rule on this matter considering his financial ties?

We’ll talk with Kate Gordon of the Center for American Progress on these conflicts of interest and how to move jobs from an oil based economy to green jobs. I’ll also talk with Rep. Gene Green of Texas District 29 about the district that does perhaps most of the refining in the U.S.

Then I talk with Maria Lahood about the Maher Arar case that was denied review before the Supreme Court and whether the U.S. really believes in its own justice system or the value of its own laws.

And our special guest this evening is Capt. James Yee. Yee served as a muslim chaplain at Guantanamo Bay before the U.S. government accused him of sedition, spying for the enemy, and refusing a general order. June is Torture Awareness Month and we thank Capt Yee for joining us.

And Dick Cheney is in the Hospital. I’ll have a few thoughts on this at the end of the show:

Closing Thoughts
Dick Cheney has been rushed to the hospital with chest pains. It is my hope he recovers well and that the United States recovers along side him. May he live to see a trial for his crimes against the world, crimes against humanity, crimes against the U.S. citizens, and crimes against the Constitutional foundation. Dick Cheney has had many heart attacks and clearly it would be easy to wish him harm, more suffering, and a swift end. But this denies justice to his victims through the one area of government he had distain for, the U.S. Justice System. If he were to pass soon, he would not know the humiliation of not being able to travel anywhere he wanted. He would be denied the wrath of various corners of the world where he cannot visit. In light of this, I wish him a speedy recovery, bad hospital food, and a speedy trial.

Next week, we’ll have a special look at the complaint filed in Texas to strip torture program architect James Mitchell of his medial license. We’ll hear from forsensic psychologist Jim Cox, law professer Joseph Margulies, Andy Worthington and more.

We’ll also talk with the Sea Shepherd organization about the  International Whaling Commission vote this week, Blue Tuna and Malta, and the case of Pete Bethune. Look forward to seeing you then. Have a good week.

One Response to “Saturday, June 26, 2010 Show-Oil, Judges and Jobs-Maher Arar and James Yee”

  • log140 Says:

    I`m german and can`t believe my ears to hear arguments in favour of torture from ppl inside the USA!! you brought democracy to this country and I: a 3.rd generation nazi, tell you, i am ashamed to be your ally!!
    you faced the kamikazes, the nazis, the communists and stood up to your moral standards… and now in front of a couple of hundred Alqueda you behave like cheap cowards!!!

    Can`t believe retarded (WARCRIMINALS) ppl become presidents or vicepresidents in the USA.. because only a retard cannot understand the meaning of the Geneva Convention and call it “vague”..

    Than you got a new president who: after continuing bush`s wars (for oil) based on lies, thought it is very convenient to “look the other way”…
    well some supernatural power said: here is your F$$$$ oil!!!

    i know not everybody shares the elites views on politics… so please don`t take it personal… just thought I leave you a comment on your politics…