Jun 5 2010

Tonight’s Show, Saturday, June 5, 2010

Prof. Amos Guiora,
Dahr Jamail,
Brig. Gen David Irvine,
Larry Siems (ACLU),
Coleen Rowley,
Jess Levin (MediaMatters),
and a audio from a reading of Rachel Corrie’s letters and Cindy Corrie.
Segment One – Amos Guiora – The Bagram Habeas Decision: Bad Law, Bad Policy
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Segment Two – Dahr Jamail / Brig Gen David Irvine
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Segment Three – Larry Siems (ACLU) – Fmr. FBI Agent Coleen Rowley-Jess Levin from Media Matters
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Segment Four – Rachel Corrie Letters and Cindy Corrie
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Segment Five – Tony Hayward, Who’s your daddy?
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Good evening,

Welcome to VeracityRadio. It has been a busy news week and we’ll cover some of those important items in tonights show. This week we saw BP continue to flounder in the Gulf with our disaster. Animals are dying in the gulf and BP’s CEO wants his life back. Currently BP claims its “top cap” is working a little to bring oil to the surface for containment but considering their credibility right now, little they say is worth much.

In international news, Israel raided a flotilla of ships destined for Gaza. The flotilla has been in planning for some time now and we’ll get reports on what happened and have some discussion on the results of this action.

George Bush was quoted this week as admitting to authorizing the waterboarding of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and stated that he would do it again. Though no audio or video of the event was published, local papers and attendees have shared this “news” with us. This comes a year and half after his Vice President admitted to ABC and PBS that he was instrumental to the passage of this program.

Tonight we have a jam packed show for you and I hope that you will appreciate the words of our various guests and I’m very humbled to have the opportunity to speak with them. As always we welcome your feedback at veracityradio@gmail.com or visit the blog at veracityradio.

First up we’ll hear a reading of the op-ed by University of Utah College of Law professor Amos Guiora called The Bagram Habeas Decision: Bad Law, Bad Policy. Then I’ll play an interview I did with Mr. Guiora on Monday with comments on the flotilla and the global war on terror.

Then we’ll talk to Dahr Jamail about the flotilla, a revisit to the attack on the USS Liberty, oil in Canada, theft of Iraqi culture, and the need for independent Journalism.

We’ll have a discussion about George Bush’s comments with retired Brigadeer General David Irvine. I especially want to thank him for joining us on short notice to clarify the comments in this week’s Huffington Post and the consequences of Bush’s admission.

Then as we enter June it is important to recognize that this is Torture Awareness Month. Joining us to discuss the details and events will be Larry Siems of the ACLU and then an interview with former FBI special agent Coleen Rowley. Rowley and I also discussed the Free Gaza Flotilla, the war on terror and the media coverage of such important events.

We’ll have a visit with Jess Levin from Media Matters about BP’s contributions, individual contributions, and Obama. What is the truth behind the $71,000 in contributions?

And last, I’ll feature some archived audio from an event held in Houston a few years ago with the family of Rachel Corrie. This features letters written by Rachel as read by local activists and finishes with a few words from Cindy Corrie.

May 28 2010

Guantanamo Review Task Force Report is out.

Guantanamo Review Task Force – Download Report

Guantanamo detainee report is out. It states that 126 detainees should be sent back home or handed over to a third party country. The report states that 36 should be prosecuted and that 48 be detained further under “laws of war”. The 30 Yemenis are left in limbo until the U.S. Government decides further.

This basically means that 156 people have been cleared for release. Will the U.S. government release these detainees or come up with more ways than Dick Cheney to hold innocent people?

Peter Finn of Washington Post has an article on the creation of the report at WaPo.

May 22 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010 show

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Segment One – Jason Leopold discusses BP catastrophe – Atlantis rig safety – Bush DOJ ignored whistleblower
Segment 1 –
Segment Two-Rep. Luis Gutierrez sends letter to Ken Salazar as part of Ban Permanently campaign
Segment 2 –
Segment Three-A look at the story of Abu Zubaydah, John Kiriakou and the War on Terror with Jason Leopold of Truthout.org
Segment 3 –
Segment Four-Our weekly logical fallacy segment and a listen to Ali Soufan testimony regarding Abu Zubaydah
Segment 4 –

This week we talk about BP’s Disaster in the Gulf. Is this to become Obama’s Katrina? We’ll listen to a few of the stories from this week’s events. Then Jason Leopold and I talk about BP’s dodge of criminal indictments under the Bush DOJ and the story of Scott West. Then we’ll hear from the Press Secretary for Rep. Luis Gutierrez (Illinois 4th) on the “Banned Permanently” campaign and other congressional options to handle the BP/Halliburton Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Then tonight’s featured segment is a further examination of the John Kiriakou – Abu Zubaydah stories. We’ll speak with Jason Leopold about his interview with Kiriakou and reevaluate the past comments and the account given by Ali Soufan, the FBI interrogator who was pulled by Mueller after reports were coming in that Zubaydah was being tortured.

And, we will try to have an open phone segment later if possible, tune in to see.

Documents mentioned in show
BP Texas City Report –
Chemical Safety Board Investigation Final Report
Report of the BP Independent Refineries Safety Review Panel (Baker Panel Report) -�Baker Report

Abu Zubaydah
Abu Zubaydah testimony

Testimony of Ali Soufan – Judiciary Link

Tonight we take a look at BP�s disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, with Jason Leopold from TruthOut.org. We talked the 60 minutes segment, the Alantis Rig, and the Bush Administration�s willful failure to take action on BP�s criminal violations.

I also spoke with Doug Rivlin press secretary for Representative Luis Gutierrez�s office regarding the Campaign to Ban Permanently the drilling leases for BP.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez and the letter he sent to Ken Salazar.

Tonight�s feature is with Jason Leopold regarding the comments and claims made by John Kiriakou in his recent interview for TruthOut. Kiriakou was famously known as the agent who was involved in the capture of Zayn al-Abidin Muhammad Husayn, the man commonly known as Abu Zubaydah.

On September 6, 2006, George Bush proclaimed that Zubaydah was a key figure in al qaida and the subsequent years he, Dick Cheney, Marc Theissen, and others have used Zubaydah�s alleged role as an excuse to torture suspected combatants against the United States. As you will hear, Zubaydah�s role is not as portrayed and the veracity of Kiriakou�s claims haven�t stood the test of time. In fact, much of Kiriakou�s account in December 2007 was second hand, presented almost as first hand, and certainly relied upon as an authority on whether it was appropriate to torture a man for intelligence. We�ll hear audio from Kiriakou, Leopold�s interview, and the testimony of Ali Soufan.

Thanks for tuning in, we�d love your feedback.

First up, BP�s catastrophe in the Gulf.

May 15 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010 show – 9pm EST

ANSWER coaliton SeizeBP campaign – Media Matters on BP/Halliburton spill and Andy Worthington
Segment 1 –

Matthew Alexander – How To Break A Terrorist
Segment 2 – (note: there are portions of the audio which dropped out and were boosted from remaining low volume. They were included to retain as much of what Mr. Alexander shared as possible.)

Hour Three included audio from Jason Leopold’s interview with John Kiriakou at TruthOut.org

and from CSPAN archives – John Kiriakou and Col. Steve Kleinmann

Our listening link will be available before airtime. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN Tonight’s show features Matthew Alexander, Author of How To Break A Terrorist, Andy Worthington on British Elections and Guantanamo Bay detainees, Media Matters discussion on Elena Kagan and BP, and a visit with ANSWER coalition about their Seize BP campaign.

May 11 2010

Video of Matthew Alexander from Daily Show Dec 2008

In preparation for our interview with Matthew Alexander, we’ll be posting videos and articles to understand the context of his book, “How to break a terrorist”.

This is Matthew Alexander from Daily Show in December 2008.

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Matthew Alexander
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Jan 15 2010

Torture, Brain Surgery, Evolution and Pat Robertson

I’m reading into intricate details of Haiti and Dominican Republic history. I’m reading on the slave rebellions, the colonial oppression and subsequent “justice” in particular. I’m reading this due to the not so surprising but still amazingly un-Christian like attack by Pat Robertson on the history of Haiti. Robertson said that Haiti was cursed because its slave rebellion leaders (notably Dutty Boukman) had made a “pact with the Devil”. In fact, this pact got a response from the Dark Lord of the Underground, oh yes, it did. But we’ll get to Dick Cheney in a minute. Yes, the one, the only, Satan The Monty Hall of Evil  said, “‘OK, it’s a deal.'”

Now, just like with Liz Cheney and other whack jobs and their claims, the easiest way to dismiss Robertson is through evidence or the mute button. I’d ignore him but I am fascinated by mythology, history, and lore, so it didn’t take me minutes to hit the ground running on the search for this “pact” with the devil. Along the way I found stories of rebel leaders who were beheaded by the French, like Dutty Boukman 1791, or who were burned alive, like François Mackandal 1758. In part of this story is the narrative being dominated by the French and subsequent European overtone of Slaves rebelling using voodoo (or vodou) versus the internal narrative of a people overthrowing the devil in the form of French slave masters and bosses. Depending on which view you come from, you will arrive at different conclusions.

Mackandal  was an interesting chap. He was well informed on poisons and was a threat to the French control and even the people themselves. He would distribute poisons to other slaves who would then poison their slavemasters and their families. In The Making of Haiti: The Saint Domingue Revolution from Below by Carolyn E. Fick, there is a translation of the tortured interrogation of one of the slaves who betrayed Mackandal. Mackandal was executed at Cap-Haïtien.

Then it occurred to me. The narrative about Mackandal implies immediately that the betrayal story itself is suspect because it comes at the hands of torture. The odds of torture producing some positives in intelligence seems statistically inevitable, aka sometimes you’ve got the right guy and he will cough it up. But…sometimes, you don’t and he will say anything including recite rumors he may not know for sure and the case is sealed. This crude method has been a part of our controlling authorities tool box for most of our history. In some crude way, I’m sure occasionally busting someone’s toes to the point of powder did really get them to betray their allies. The odds say its entirely likely if you torture enough people you’ll get something as a result.

The Art of Brain Surgery or The Pick and Rock Cavity Clearance Sale
I remember being in the science museum when I was young and seeing our Cro-Magnon pre-TV Dinner ancestors and hearing about the ways that migraines and brain swelling would be eased. The various ways we tore people up to help them is rather nauseating. But keeping time in context we must acknowledge that to many this was advanced science at the time and now it is nothing short of criminal. No doctor today would simply start sawing your skull open to relieve pressure for a headache or Harvey Cushing would roll over in his grave. Yes, there are some procedures where removing the skull can create positive effects but you wouldn’t use it to cure what a good glass of water, lowering your salt intake and a bit of exercise would solve. Perhaps there is your remedy for what ails you.

It occurs to me that those who advocate for ‘any means necessary torture’ thinking wouldn’t exactly like the crude pick and rock technique should they require an aneurysm to be treated. No, I’m sure at this point they would want to trust the professionals. Certainly sawing their domes open to get at relax a headache wouldn’t be preferred. Yet when it comes to gaining actionable intelligence about “terrorist threats”, they’ll take the Neanderthal route and take what comes.

Professional interrogation by the FBI is a science that has long evolved since the days when tortured slaves or common criminals were burned or whipped into telling anything that would come out of their mouths. Yet in the world of Marion Gordon Robertson (aka Pat) and other extremely ignorant people who hate evolving, these methods are perfectly suitable to telling themselves that they are safe and clean from impurity. See, in the minds of people like Robertson, they are pure. Everyone else is sinful and whatever happens to those sinful people is completely justified because God on high smote them. It is this ignorant view of Christianity and history that propagates more discord about torture. Those who continue to support the resist of evolution are just about the same folks who support torturing anyone with the name Abdul in order to figure out if they know a bad guy. They know if they detain a Christian named then that couldn’t possibly be a terrorist. Nobody with the name Richard Reid could be a bad guy or a big danger right? Certainly not Timothy McVeigh. Why would anyone be so afraid of those names? Some very Anglo folks might be afraid of Jose Padilla but David Hicks or John Walker Linde?

If I’m to be superstitious may it simply be in asking, “Lord, please bless me with just enough cynicism to not fall prey to Pat Robertson. Amen.”

Nov 14 2009

Eric Holder announces KSM to go on trial

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has announced that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will be tried in lower Manhattan. Republicans immediately went into their highly predictable panic attack. Below is AG Holder’s announcement:

Nov 4 2009

Italian Court convicts CIA agents for their role in rendition of cleric

As of today, there are 23 agents who are international fugitives after an Italian court ruled in the abduction of a cleric in Milan.

NYTimes Article:
An Italian judge sentenced 23 Americans to up to eight years in prison on Wednesday for the abduction of a Muslim cleric, in a symbolic condemnation of the CIA “rendition” flights used by the former U.S. government.

Updates coming as they roll out…

Aug 24 2009

Cheney gets his wish, sorta


The documents Cheney requested are now released, redacted of course, and they do little to foster his view. Reading over the reports above, its clear to see that normal interrogation techniques were clearly productive. There is no portion of these reports, unredacted portions, that defend Cheney’s views on torture as necessary and fruitful.

If you see anything in these that demonstrates this, we’d love to know. Its a busy news day.

Aug 24 2009

CIA Inspector Report released


Here is the long awaited report. Many new details have been released. We are reading the document and will elaborate the details here. And we will publish the news coverage related to this story. Stay tuned….