Is Eric Holder going to appoint a special prosecutor?

Reports are flying that Eric Holder has read the soon, supposedly, to be released, supposedly, CIA torture report. Will Eric Holder be compelled to investigate the torture program?

At the same time we are reading that Dick Cheney instructed the CIA to withhold information to the Congress about a “program” that background talkers saying never fomented into action. The issue is, “how does the Vice President of the United States of America get this much power? How is he able to be outside the law? And why is he allowed to continue this if he has such contempt for the United States government he serves in?”

Additionally, we are learning that the CIA backed an Afghan warlord who executed around 1000 Taliban captives. These sorts of actions only fuel harder resistance. Once people are taken into custody there are rules of war and if we supported these executions then what position does that put the United States in?

One thing is for certain, the United States has a long track record of supporting despots of the day for the proxy war of the moment and then later has to disrupt the power base created under such a thug. Noriega, Saddam, Musharaf, and other propped up tyrants were useful in their day and then become someone we have to excise and bulldoze over. Enough of this bullshit policy.

And last, Liz Cheney is going to pull a George W. Bush and get in after Dick Cheney’s reign and keep the family political flame alive by considering a run for office. If you didn’t learn from George W. Bush, wake up and start learning now. Liz Cheney is as much a liar as her treasonous father. The serpent doesn’t fall far from the tree. Expect to be dealing with her for some time, but be clear that her methods aren’t much different than her father. She simply bulldozes over the facts and attempts to intimidate the questioner.

We’d love to interview either Liz Cheney or Dick Cheney if they’d like to have an honest interview about the actions of the now former Vice President. We are not Fox News, the National Review, or The Washington Times, or any of the right wing radio nonsense jocks. We’d ask him the real legal questions he has always refused to answer. And unlike John King, Anderson Cooper, or the other broadcast news people who have sat with Dick Cheney and been so stunned to do so, we’d be less than awed because we do not believe that Dick Cheney, George Bush, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, or any politicians are somehow given godlike dispositions that might lend one to be beside oneself and unable to speak up.

Dick Cheney thwarted the law at every turn and must be held to the same standard as all other citizens. There should be no such thing as immunity for officials who engage in crimes while in office. These crimes set the foundation for all other violations committed by citizens. Lead by example and put Dick Cheney in prison for leaking state secrets, for willfully withholding information to Congress, for sabotaging intelligence undermining national security in favor of political retribution, granting special access to his energy partners, and fostering the torture of captives in his made up war on terror.

This is about much more than incompetence by officials. This was outright contempt for our government and the laws by Dick Cheney and his cohorts. Stay tuned as the information comes out about his crimes and don’t forget to call your congressional leaders to tell them what you expect regarding investigation and prosecution.

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