Saturday Night show, May 8, 2010 – 9pmEST 6pmPST

Segment 1 – Media Matters
Segment 2 – Barking from the Floor – Audio from Wall Street
Segment 3 – Audio from CSPAN-Debate on Prosecuting Detainees
Segment 4 – Interview with Col. Morris Davis
Segment 5 – Interview with Jason Leopold on BP/Halliburton catastrophe

Listen Now

Listen NowWe hope you’ll join us on our debut show here at Our listening link will be available before airtime. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN I think we have a stellar lineup for you: 1. ) Media Matters For America’s Brian Frederick on Michael Scheuer’s apocalyptic obsessions 2.) Jason Leopold on BP’s devastation to the Gulf and related threads 3.) Ret. Guantanamo Chief Prosecutor Col. Morris Davis 4.) Andy Worthington discusses the latest information on Gitmo detainees It has been a busy news week and we hope to go over some of those stories tonight. Stay tuned for call-in opportunities as we work out our phone wiring.