Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon continues inquiry

Reuters is reporting that Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon is going to continue with investigation of the Cheney/Bush Administration officials involved with torture at Guantanamo. Earlier in the day, the Spanish Attorney General moved to dismiss the charges.

This is on the heels of the Obama Administration’s grand failure to keep the promise of accountability and his legal obligations to investigate crimes. He’s placed political expediency above the law again. Eric Holder announced that the administration would not seek to charge CIA officers who engaged in the “enhanced torture techniques” so long as they were doing so in “good faith” to the legal opinions rendered by the OSC.

Can you imagine how defense lawyers can utilize this sort of formula now for their rape and murder cases? If they can just find various areas where “moving forward” is more valuable than “dwelling on the past” they’ll be able to get any of their defendants off. Further, they could always go for an equal protection claim that shows their client received a greater sentence than Officers who tortured and killed detainees.

Let us not forget we have accusations of deaths in custody including the accusation of murder committed at Bagram Air Base.

Did the United States ever really have integrity? Was it an illusion to begin with? Or is this just an aberration and an anomaly the US character?

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