Cheney’s best was “go f— yourself”

When Dick Cheney spouted off to Patrick Leahy, he accomplished the best thing he ever did. Who says so? Dick says so.

“That’s sort of the best thing I ever did.”, he exclaimed to Dennis “I lost my principles and backbone on 9/11” Miller. When put into perspective on the entirety of his career, his public activities and the consequences of his fanatical push to control as many parts of the world as he could…this was his finest hour.

Now, I know that Cheney was being rather silly here with Miller. It does show the level at which he operates. In his world, he’s absolutely sure of each of his decisions. He shows no remorse for any decision he’s asked about.

“Mr. Cheney do you regret that we didn’t find WMD?”, “No.”

“Do you regret that we tortured people?”, “Not at all.”

“Do you regret eavesdropping on American conversations and data so you could control everything in your little War on Terror?”, “No, we took appropriate action to save lives.”

“What was your finest hour?”, “Telling Patrick Leahy to go Fuck himself.”

What a testimony to this piss and vinegar draft dodger who talks tough but only puts others’ lives on the line. Dick, it is easy to talk tough when others do your fighting. Your finest hour wasn’t your military service for this country to match your military driven exploits later as a civilian bureaucrat. Your finest hour wasn’t found in an honest campaign to save American lives. No, your finest hour was walking through the halls of governance and telling a political opponent to go “fuck yourself” because he dared do his job of oversight.

Mr. Cheney, you’re an unindicted war criminal. I guess I don’t begrudge you reminiscing about your finest moment with a low level crow like Miller in your little echo chamber chit-chat. It fits you, well.

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