Torture: The Bush Administration on Trial

By Andy Worthington   While Rodriguez — like John Yoo, Jay S. Bybee and senior Bush administration officials, up to and including the president — have never been criminally prosecuted, it is uncertain whether, overall, the apologists for torture are winning. Despite their protestations over the years, they have no proof that torture worked. :::::::: […]

Enhanced Interrogation: A Non-Thing

Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry claimed they would reinstate illegal programs that have been dismissed by experts as ineffective and illegal. They have sought to foster the ignorance in the Republican party that comes with a belief in a non-thing. This non-thing is called, “enhanced interrogation”. Each of these people continue an insult against […]

Author of Torture Memos Admits Some Techniques Were Not Approved By DOJ

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Author of Torture Memos Admits Some Techniques Were Not Approved By DOJ

Thursday 15 July 2010 by: Jason Leopold, reprinted from (make sure to support TruthOut with a donation today) Jay Bybee, who as a senior Justice Department lawyer signed two memos in 2002 authorizing CIA interrogators to torture “war on terror” prisoners, told a congressional panel that more than a half dozen other brutal methods […]

Accountability for Designing Torture

Intro and Interview with Jim Cox PhD – Forensic Psychologist Segment 1 Interview with Joseph Margulies – Lawyer/Professor of Law Segment 2 Audio reading of complaint filed Segment 3 Interview with Andy Worthington about complaint, BP, and World Cup Segment 4 TO listen in: CLICK HERE Copy of Complaint PDF: CLICK HERE

Saturday, June 26, 2010 Show-Oil, Judges and Jobs-Maher Arar and James Yee

Intro and Kate Gordon from Center for American Progress Segment 1 Rep. Gene Green Segment 2 Maria Lahood (Center for Constitutional Rights) Segment 3 James Yee Segment 4 Op-Ed on Dick Cheney Segment 5 TO listen in: CLICK HERE

Saturday, June 12 Radio Show-Malcolm Nance and Scott Horton

    Malcolm Nance (SERE Instructor) Segment 1 Segment 2 Segment 3 Scott Horton Listen Here Democracy Now segment with PHR from this show Listen Here ABCNews and Liz Cheney-Made ya look Listen Here Op-Ed on British Reaction to U.S. reaction to BP destruction Listen Here CSPAN audio of U.S. Helsinki Commission on torture from […]

Human Experimentation at the Heart of Bush Administration’s Torture Program

Reprinted with permission (and creative commons) from Don’t forget, it is very important to support independent journalist sites like by Jason Leopold – Sunday, June 6, 2010 High-value detainees captured during the Bush administration’s “war on terror,” who were subjected to brutal torture techniques, were used as “guinea pigs” to gauge the effectiveness […]

Tonight’s Show, Saturday, June 5, 2010

Prof. Amos Guiora, Dahr Jamail, Brig. Gen David Irvine, Larry Siems (ACLU), Coleen Rowley, Jess Levin (MediaMatters), and a audio from a reading of Rachel Corrie’s letters and Cindy Corrie. Segment One – Amos Guiora – The Bagram Habeas Decision: Bad Law, Bad Policy Listen Here Segment Two – Dahr Jamail / Brig Gen David […]

Guantanamo Review Task Force Report is out.

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Guantanamo Review Task Force Report is out.

Guantanamo Review Task Force – Download Report Guantanamo detainee report is out. It states that 126 detainees should be sent back home or handed over to a third party country. The report states that 36 should be prosecuted and that 48 be detained further under “laws of war”. The 30 Yemenis are left in limbo until […]

Saturday, May 22, 2010 show

Segment One – Jason Leopold discusses BP catastrophe – Atlantis rig safety – Bush DOJ ignored whistleblower Segment 1 – Segment Two-Rep. Luis Gutierrez sends letter to Ken Salazar as part of Ban Permanently campaign Segment 2 – Segment Three-A look at the story of Abu Zubaydah, John Kiriakou and the War on Terror with […]