Ari Fleischer prolongs Cheney Bush lies about war

Former White House spokesmodel Ari Fleischer has continued his duty as lying mouthpiece for the Cheney Bush administration’s campaign to launch war on Iraq. Fleischer has been making the rounds to revise history and spit shine the turd legacy of the Cheney Bush administration.

But this week he visited Chris Matthews and tried to pull this on someone who pays attention. Now frankly, Matthews is often too close to these topics to keep his eye on the ball, but he did do a great job of keeping the truth up while Fleischer tried to conflate evidence to provide a final outcome that is utterly horseshit.

Now when he visited the D.L. Hugley show he found someone who is more comedian that reporter or political wonk, and Hughley let him go with little question. But Matthews didn’t do so. Then today Matthews noticed the final statement that Fleischer made that Saddam Hussein wouldn’t hit the U.S. “again”. This implied Saddam was involved in 9/11 which he wasn’t.

Should Fleischer be tried for his part in spreading these lies?