About VR

Veracity Radio is a blog and online radio station devoted to find the truth behind the headlines. News outlets today range in their quality of coverage, but predominantly the focus is on gaining readers and viewers and not on producing time tested news you can use supported by verifiable sources with critical analysis instead of parroting.

What is Veracity?
Veracity comes from the Latin: veracitatem, meaning “truthfulness”
From the view of Veracity Radio, truth is that which withstands personal opinion and is capable of being verified. Citizens and politicians need truthful journalism in order to make quality decisions that impact their lives and the lives of the future generations. From earliest days of writing and news propagation, there has been the strong human desire to turn the facts to one’s own advantage. Though much of this is unconscious, there are also overt attempts to sway an audience to a particular view with sensational headlines and stories that often fall apart upon detailed examination.

We hope to suspend even our fixation and sense of monopoly of “the truth” in order to find deeper meaningful discussion on the issues that most impact our lives and society. We all live in one biosphere. This much is known.

Thank you for your visit as we enjoy a grand dialogue.